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50-City Tour
Military Family Support is traveling to fifty cities in America to raise money and awareness
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A Billion Good Deeds Done
Military Family Support is proud to partner with Coins 4 A Cause!
Computers 4 Heroes
Connecting families with valuable resources both public and private through digital technology!


Dear Friend;

I founded Military Family Support to be of service and to help families live better and more productive lives! My life-long desire to be of service has grown from teaching high-school to teaching undergraduate students to teaching some of the brightest graduate students in the country. In fact I earned business degrees and worked as a C.P.A. so that I would have real-world experience to combine with my education to be the best educator I could be.

After 9-11 we all became aware of the extraordinary service the men and women of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, National Guard, Reserves, and Coast Guard provide for our country everyday. During recent natural disasters, our heroes once again performed awe-inspiring tasks as they served and saved lives!

On a personal level, I have been touched by the service of some very close to me; my cousin Craig served in the Army, my Dad served as a Marine, my officemate in my Ph.D. program served in the Air Force, and I was best man in the wedding of another Army soldier. It was with these examples in mind that I gave great consideration to the best way to use my education and experience to do my part and give back to the greatest country in the history of the earth. My service, my way to give back is Military Family Support!

Please join me as we help millions of family members through a unique approach to public charity where giving is fun and the full of the power digital age is leveraged to help families!

In Service,

Mike Hitchins
Founder and Executive Director
Military Family Support

Service In Action

Celebrity Videos
Watch the latest videos of celebrities offering their well-wishes to our heroes overseas

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