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Military Family Support Inc. is a 501(c)(3) public charity. All contributions are tax-deductable. Our mission is "To make the lives of military families easier."

Where Your Donations Go

Your generous donation will go directly toward phase one of this process: funding of our core website. With your help, Military Family Support will become America's leading provider of valuable resources for the families of our American heroes. We have already begun to sift through massive amounts of information in a nationwide effort to make it easier for young families to find the help they so desperately need.

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More On Where Your Donations Go

As you may know, we try to make donating to Military Family Support fun. In addition to having fun at one of our events, we would like you to know where your donations are to be used.

Our current drive for donations is to fund our core website. This is phase one. There is a void in resources available to military families; there is no easy way to access all of the resources that are available to them! Resources can now be found if one knows of the existence of a program, the name of the program, and the entity providing that program. The problem is that no one can know all of the programs! Especially not 18-25 year-olds thrust into a completely new environment. We have grand plans for the functionality of our site. In line with our core mission, "To make the lives of military families easier" we will help to sift through massive amounts of information and make it easier for young families to find the help they need. Included in the information we will sort through and synthesize is information from military bases, state and local agencies, branches of the military, federal government, and other organizations whose purpose is to make the lives of military families easier. Initially, we will focus on jobs, nutrition, housing, child care, financial literacy, financial assistance, counseling, safety, and location based services.

Phase two will be to develop content specifically tailored to the needs of military families. These DVDs and web based programs will meet needs expressed by a survey of member families and are likely to include instruction on basic finances, budgeting, child care, nutrition, philanthropy and other activities that bring families together.

Phase three will be live seminars conducted at Military Family Support headquarters and at bases in the United States. Participants can take the training they receive and spread it among military families near to where they live.

Phase four will be hands on training in job skills that will teach participants skills that are specifically tailored to their unique situation. Distinctively, Military families are often transferred and exist as single parent families on and off throughout the term of service.

The transfers to new cities (away from anything that is familiar) and having one parent leave for long periods of time are just two of the many factors that make this group uniquely deserving of your help!

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Military Family Support is a 501(c)(3) public charity. All contributions are tax-deductable.
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