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In The Field

50-City Tour
Military Family Support is traveling to fifty cities in America to raise money and awareness
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Coins For A Cause
A Billion Good Deeds Done
Military Family Support is proud to partner with Coins 4 A Cause!
Computers 4 Heroes
Connecting families with valuable resources both public and private through digital technology!


Military Family Support is going to giveaway computers to help our American Heroes, their families and all families who support them! This is an important component of the Military Family Support plan to help millions of Americans. The computers will be given away in 2007 to take advantage of new operating systems and programs.

Why Giveaway Computers?

It is true that many people have computers or access to computers, but there are some important reasons to give computers away in 2007. First, what computers are able to do will be dramatically enhanced as the new operating system and programs take advantage of the ever increasing power, storage and memory. Second, we will be providing training along with these computers and if all the computers are equipped and configured the same way, it makes the work easier and more productive. The third and most important reason is because these computers will become a living part of Militaryfamilysupport.org!

Each of these computers will be able to create, edit and control information in the Militaryfamilysupport.org website. This is huge! Local people on the ground have the best intelligence; they know what resources are available and where the areas of need are. They can upload information that is up to the minute and relevant. That's just the beginning of the advantages. Once these computers are in place, all of the great things happening in one area can be known by every other area of the country and replicated! There are a lot of pockets of family readiness groups doing innovative things, now with our "Computers 4 Heroes" program the entire country, (and through the internet, all of our instillations around the world) can use these innovations to help their local families.

Finally, we will use this network of computers to share original content and where necessary, these computers will have the ability to reformat this content into the most practical form.

Please support our Computers 4 Heroes program.

Service In Action

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Watch the latest videos of celebrities offering their well-wishes to our heroes overseas

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