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our new address is:

PO Box 1922

Brentwood, TN 37027

MFS Compassion Coin
Start a coin on a journey of good deeds to raise money for military families.
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This is an opportunity to shine your light so that your good deeds may inspire others. It is easy!


When your coin arrives, we invite you to participate on a good deed project that is quick and easy. Specifically, we ask that you do a good deed, register it and pass the compassion coin on to the next member.

  1. Do a good deed.
    a. Please consider donating to Military Family Support as your good deed.
  2. Record your good deed.
    a. Go to 4ACause.com
    b. Register your Good Deed with your Compassion Coin number.
  3. Pass it on!
    a. Please give your coin to a friend who will do a good deed and keep the coin moving on a journey of good deeds.

Benefits of Doing Good Deeds

  • Increased communication
  • Increased commitment
  • Increased satisfaction
  • People who do good deeds are:
    - Happier
    - Healthier
    - Live Longer
  • Low cost
  • Positive affect
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Bettered community
  • Individuals are more connected within the community

About this Good Deed Opportunity

What is a good deed?

A good deed is any action you can take to be kind. It can be as simple as holding the door open for someone or a big gesture like building a house for a homeless family. However, if you don’t punch your boss in the nose when you are mad; that does not count as a good deed. You must actually do something nice.

Some other examples of good deeds can be found by following the Military Family Support founder at www.twitter.com/4ACause

Why Good Deeds?

There is good in all of us, and all of us can do a good deed. In a time where our differences are highlighted in the media it is good to remind ourselves that we are all more alike than different.

What you will need to register.

To log into 4ACause.com you will need an email address, and then you create your own password. A zip code allows your good deed to be approximated on a map.

What if you don’t want to record your good deed?

That’s ok. Your good deed won’t show up in the history of your Compassion Coin, but it is better to keep the compassion coin moving to allow more people to choose to participate. Of course, you should still do something nice.

Donate to Military Family Support!

Military Family Support is the sponsor of this project and hopes that you will enjoy building unity and fellowship through good deeds. When you choose where to give your tax-deductible donations, please consider MilitaryFamilySupport.org, a 501(c) 3 public charity.

Thank You! Thank you for participating in this good deed event. I know that together we will get a lot of good done and raise money to help military families.

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